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Welcome to Intiger Group Limited

Intiger Group Limited (ASX: IAM), was founded by experienced investment banking and financial services executive Mark Fisher and operates an Australian software development house and offshore processing platform dedicated to reducing the back office and operational costs within the Australian financial planning industry.

Working with Australian financial planning licensees and their practices, the Intiger Group has developed and launched proprietary, software platform LiLLY’, which has been designed to digitise and automate core components of the financial planning process including the production of automated statements of advice.  In conjunction with ‘LiLLY’, the Intiger Group has presented the online practice management system ‘KLIP’ which tracks key performance indicators of a financial planning practice and delivers oversight and control to both licensors and financial planning practices nationally.

In addition, the Intiger Group is a provider of offshore processing solutions built for the financial planning sector. The Intiger Group operates an offshore outsourcing facility in the Philippines which employs Australian trained staff, who deliver financial planning back office and administrative processing services for various documents including Statements of Advice. No financial advice is provided and no financial services license is required for these activities.