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ASX Announcements

20212020201920182017201620152014 For all announcements prior to 2014 please refer to the ASX website
10th Dec Final share buy-back notice - Appendix 3F
27th Nov Results of Annual General Meeting
22nd Nov Announcement of Selective buy-back - Appendix 3C
14th Nov Executive Appointments
29th Oct Appendix 4C
26th Oct 2018 Annual Report to Shareholders
26th Oct 2018 Notice of Annual General Meeting & Proxy Form
11th Oct Cleansing Notice
11th Oct Appendix 3B
5th Oct Notification of 2018 Annual General Meeting Date
5th Oct Results of General Meeting
28th Sep Appendix 4G
28th Sep Annual Report
3rd Sep Notice of General Meeting & Proxy Form
3rd Sep Appendix 3B - Release of Securities from Escrow
31st Aug Appendix 4E & Preliminary Final Report
29th Aug Cleansing Notice
29th Aug Appendix 3B
22nd Aug $3m Placement Completed - Insto and Sophisticated Investors
20th Aug Trading Halt
17th Aug Release of Securities from Escrow
9th Aug BOOM2 Update
30th Jul Intiger Market Update and Appendix 4C
22nd Jun Appendix 3B
31st May Management Update
25th May Response to ASX Aware Query
14th May Intiger Confirms Strategic Focus on Fintech Advice Solutions
7th May Response to ASX Aware Letter
4th May Intiger Market Update
30th Apr Appendix 4C - quarterly
6th Apr Details of Company Address
4th Apr Appointment and Resignation of Company Secretary
28th Mar CBA Update and Key Intiger Appointment
28th Feb Appendix 4D and Half Year Report
19th Feb Response to ASX Price Query
16th Feb Ceasing to be a substantial holder
13th Feb Investor Presentation
7th Feb Intiger Market Update
2nd Feb Reinstatement to Official Quotation
2nd Feb Request for Voluntary Suspension
2nd Feb Voluntary Suspension
31st Jan Appendix 4C
31st Jan Trading Halt
10th Jan Change in substantial holding
8th Jan IAM - Top 20 Report
8th Jan Appendix 3B
3rd Jan Appendix 3B
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